Starting a Ministry to College Students:

3-part Series

Frequently, churches want to minister to college students and have them be active church members, but there is confusion on how to meet students and get them involved in church. Stephanie wants to help you think through 3 things: Why aren't students at my church? How do I meet students? Once I meet them, what do I do?

Part 1: Why aren't college students here?

Do you wish you had college students in your church and have no idea why they aren't there? Before you can take steps to engage students, you have to first understand the problem. 

Stephanie has written a brief article explaining two aspects of why college students are not in church.

Check out these other resources to gain more perspective on this reality:

Part Two: How do we meet students?

Article coming soon...

Part Three: Once we meet students, what do we do?

article coming soon...

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