Resources to help you engage your community

with the Gospel

How do we engage our community with the Gospel? Why are they not in church or pursuing a relationship with Jesus? How does the Church respond to the realities of a post-Christian culture? 

Stephanie hopes to translate research and campus ministry experience into resource to help the local Church determine their next steps to share the Gospel with and disciple ministry members.  

  • Texas Baptist Collegiate Ministry believes that 95% of Texas college students are not pursuing a relationship with Jesus. As culture continues to shift, we can no longer assume that students will just walk through our doors (at a campus ministry or a local church). Research literally reveals that the majority of students are not coming, or if they do come, they do not stay. In response, we must find ways to go to them. We must put intentionality into campus evangelism and outreach.

    It is impossible for Christian campus ministries to reach all college students with the Gospel. Luke 10:2 tells us, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  Stephanie hopes to help local churches strategize ways to connect with the students in their communities and engage them with the Gospel.

  • Our communities are made up of "people groups," different demographics that need the Gospel. These groups often consist of different ages (children, high schoolers, senior adults, young famililes, college students, etc), marital statuses, and diverse ethnicities. We often struggle to know how to engage people who are different than us in conversations as we work to build relationships. 

    Stephanie wants to provide some insight into reaching different people groups in your community. While the resources mainly focus on college students, the principles provide a helpful framework for engaging any youth or adult demographic.

  • Stephanie frequently talks with churches who want to minister to college students and have them be active church members, but there is confusion on how to meet students and get them involved in church.  

    Stephanie wants to help your church think through 3 helpful questions: 

    1. Why aren't students at my church?
    2. How do I meet students? 
    3. Once I meet them, what do I do?
  • Have you thought through how you will new people and how they can get involved in your ministry?  Do you have a plan in place to help them grow as disciples of Jesus?  How can they become leaders within your ministry?

    Stephanie has developed a pipeline for the UNT BSM to increase intentionality and clarity to growing leaders within the ministry. Click the link above for more information.


    Stephanie would love to help your ministry strategize a pipeline specific to your context. Contact Stephanie for more information.