How do we respond to new challenges?

There are new challenges today. There are new fears. Ministries that were once effective, now have greater risk that come with them. How can we reduce the risk without minimizing effectiveness?

While Covid brings a lot of unknowns, leaders now have the chance to reset and refocus. We can train those we lead to be effective evangelists where they are.

Stephanie has put together some resources (videos and podcasts) to help you and your leaders strategize how to increase the evangelism and outreach of your ministries.

College Ministry in a Covid World

4-Part Series: Video Trainings

Stephanie has put together a 4-part video training series to help you and your leaders strategize engaging college students and new communities with the Gospel during the unique season the Corona Virus has created.

Podcasts of the trainings can be found below.


College Ministry in a Covid World

Training Podcasts

Stephanie has turned the training videos into podcasts to make the resources easier to listen to on the go.


Making Ministry Adjustments in

response to Covid-19

The pandemic has cause all organizations to adjust operations and evaluate effectiveness. 

Check out this update about how the UNT BSM has had to adjust its ministries.