Are you interested in engaging students on campus but are not sure how to approach potential conversations?


Stephanie has put together a resource with 3 helpful hints to engaging students while on campus. The resource also includes good questions to help start a conversation.

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Many campus ministries host meals as regular outreach opportunities.  These event provide chances to connect with students and for Gospel convesations to happen. 


Oftentimes, it can feel awkward and overwhelming to start a conversation with people you do not know.  Stephanie has created a resource to help you prepare before you attend. 

In Dr. Jim Denison's lecture Why we think the way we do: A history of Western Worldview, he presents Ten Commandments of Postmodernism. 

These statements provide a helpful framework for understanding the post-Christian worldview of today. When we better understand culture, we are able to more effectively build relationships and share the Gospel.

If you are interested in learning more about Postmodernism, Stephanie recommends A Primer on Postmodernism by Stanley J. Grenz.

This resource is based on I Once Was Lost by Everts and Schaupp. This is a helpful resource in understanding how to approach evangelism with college students.

How do people come to Jesus in today's postmodern culture? Not by a mechanical, linear process of cookie cutter conversions. Nor by a nebulous spiritual wandering that never culminates in decision and commitment. Postmodern evangelism is a mysterious and organic process that nevertheless goes through discernible phases, as people cross thresholds from distrust to trust, from complacency to curiosity and from meandering to seeking. Everts and Schaupp describe the factors that influence how people shift in their perspectives and become open to the Gospel. 

This resource outlines the 5 Thresholds. Check out the book for helpful tools and more indepth information.

There are many ways that your church can partner with campus ministries to help strengthen evangelism and outreach. Stephanie has developed a 4-level involvement structure that can help you think through how your church could be invovled.

4-level Invovlement Structure:

  • Be a Praying Church
  • Be a Giving Church
  • Be a Serving Church
  • Be a Mobilizing Church

Check out this resource for more information. Stephanie would love to help you strategize your invovlemetn and next steps.

Podcasts Discussing the Ways Churches can Partner with Campus Ministries

Stephanie has recorded podcasts that are specifically helpful as you consider ways that your church can partner

with a campus ministry. You can 'Listen In' below.

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